Little Room

Why pay someone else to work on your WordPress site when you could pay us instead?

Little Room offers WordPress services for a select clientele, leveraging over 19 years of WordPress hosting and development experience. Their expertise includes custom plugin development, performance optimization, and working around web hosting constraints, ensuring exceptional care for some very special websites.

Site Optimization

$450 per site, one time charge

$150 an hour, for a minimum three hours of work

You give us a site URL. We turn around and run a battery of tests to determine your site’s current performance. We then generate a report of what can be done to make things faster, prioritized by potential impact. Depending on the size and age of your site, this usually takes around 60 to 90 minutes.

With the time remaining on your retainer, we perform the optimizations that you have labeled your highest priority. We can, at your direction, also come up with an estimate for any remaining labor that still needs to be performed after our initial three hours of work.

Maintenance Packages

$75 a month, per site

Usually $100 a month, per site

Managed plugin and theme updates. WordPress core security updates, applied to your site within two hours of release. Uptime monitoring. Nightly, off-server backups with two weeks (fourteen days) of retention.

$125 a month, per site

Usually $150 a month, per site

Everything listed in the package above. Automated image optimization. Site administrator activity logging. Nightly, off-server backups with one month (thirty days) of retention.

Say Hello

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If you’d like to have a chat about working with us — like, say, negotiating a discounted package of site optimizations — please leave your contact information and some details about your site(s) in the form below.